"Seller Agreement"

Bakery Equipment.com prides itself on selling only quality Used Equipment to itís customers.  Because many of our customers are unable to inspect the equipment themselves prior to purchase, we guarantee our customers that the item described will be the item they receive.  If we tell them the item is in Great condition -that is what our customers expect to receive! 

Bakery Equipment.com, Inc. backs all of the used equipment sold with a 30 day parts only warranty.

To save our Dealer Members and ourselves the headache of returns and lost profits, we sell our equipment with the understanding that there are no returns or exchanges on used equipment.  However, we also want satisfied customers!  If it is apparent that our customer has received a piece of equipment that has been misrepresented by description, photo or otherwise, we will do all possible to make things right for the customer, which may include returning the item to the seller for a full refund. 

Prior to purchasing a piece of used equipment for resale to a customer from a Used Equipment Dealer, Bakery Equipment.com requires the following information on the equipment.

  • Manufacturer Name

  • Manufacturer Date

  • Model Number

  • Serial Number

  • Minimum (2) color photographs taken from a minimum of two separate angles of the item.

  • Item Description and Condition Evaluation.

  • We expect the used equipment dealers we use (sellers) to give us a fair an accurate description of the item and what type of condition the item is in.  If, for any reason, the item does not meet the expectations of our customer due to an inaccurate item condition-description, Bakery Equipment.com, Inc. reserves the right to do one or more of the following:

    • Have the item evaluated by a local equipment service agency or dealer at the expense of the seller

    • Return the item for a full refund including shipping costs.

    • Exchange the item for one that is acceptable to the customer at no additional cost to the customer or Bakery Equipment.com, Inc..

    •  Have the item brought up to the described condition standards by a local service agency at the expense of the seller.

We will be happy to set you up with a Crating Service in your area if available.

By posting your equipment with us, you also agree to remove any stickers or markings from the equipment that indicates any information about you or any other used equipment seller, other than Bakery Equipment.com, prior to shipment.

For your own benefit, we suggest taking pictures of the item prior to crating and then after crating.  This way any damage that may take place during shipment may be taken up with the shipping company. 

By following these guidelines, we hope to maintain a healthy and honest working relationship with all of our dealers and customers.

Once your item has sold, Bakery Equipment.com will cut you a check less 25% of the sale price* prior to shipping the item to the end user.

*Bakery Equipment.com reserves the right to sell the item for a price they feel is fair and this may be more than what your asking price is. Bakery Equipment.com is only liable to pay the seller his/her asking price less 25%.