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What is a caster?

A caster is a set of small wheels, free to swivel in any direction, fixed to the legs or base of a piece of equipment so that the piece can be moved easily.


Maintenance Tips for Casters:


Keep your casters and equipment clean

Check for food and debris on a regular basis for optimum productivity.

Inspect the nuts, bolts, and other parts for wear and tear, or to remove excess matter.

Keep a cleaning/maintenance routine.

Tighten all bolts and keep all parts well lubricated.

Never overload the equipment.

Never drop heavy loads onto the equipment.

Avoid moving the equipment too quickly.


Choosing a Caster:


When using polyurethane wheels, poor maintenance will lead to material becoming embedded in the wheel and damaging the wheel tread. Harder wheels can cause equipment to bounce more roughly across hard floors, damaging the equipment and causing the wheels to crumble. Choosing a softer wheel material will allow for smoother movement, but will limit the weight that can be carried on the casters.


Choosing a Lubricant:


High-temperature grease is recommended for oven racks.

Food-grade grease is recommended for transport racks.


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High Temp Caster/Wheel
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