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Pre-Owned Double Pass

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What is a Double Pass Sheeter?
The most common two pass sheeters are the tabletop machines popular for pizza, pie crust and other flatbread production on a retail or small wholesale scale. They are very similar to a tabletop single pass machine except for having a smaller "pre-roller" at the infeed above the main sheeting roller. This type of machine is used by feeding pre-portioned and fermented dough balls one at a time through a hopper into the pre-roller and then the operator guides the dough piece through the main rollers for the second pass.


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Item# 9965
Acme Benchtop 2-Pass Pizza Sheeter
This Item Ships (1) Each Via Common Carrier Truck
Shipping Weight TBD
Shipping times will vary.
Limited International Delivery Available.
Price: $3,000.00

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