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New Walk-In Proofers

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What is a Walk-In Proofer?


A walk-in proofer is a large proofing unit that can handle a large volume of product. These proofers allow for a more consistent temperature and humidity range, resulting in a better quality dough. Opening and closing the door does not affect the temperature or humidity in the proofer, unlike the pass-thru proofer, which turns over the air more more often. This improves the proofing times of the products and the energy efficiency of your machine.


Additionally, because the large size of a walk-in proofer allows for more product to prove, there is less turnover. The dough can then be allowed to prove for longer periods of time before it is removed so that more dough can prove. Many bakers have sworn these longer proofing times result in better quality products.



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Item# 24112
BEcom Proofing Room with 18 Double Rack Capacity
This Item Ships (1) Each Via Common Carrier Truck Shipping Weight TBD. Shipping times will vary. Limited International Delivery Available.
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