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BE&SCO Model 23-12 Mini Wedge Tortilla Press (120V)

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Item Number: 23
Manufacturer: BESCO
Model No.: 23-12
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BE&SCO Mini Wedge Tortilla Press
BE&SCO's patented Mini-Wedge makes cost efficient, high quality tortilla production available to all sized establishments. Fresh Flour Tortillas produced in only two square feet on counter space! The Wedge Press is simple to use, easy to clean and will produce tortillas up to 7" in diameter. This compact tortilla press is extremely portable, easy to use and clean, requires no special electric hookups and offers a capacity of 500 ready to cook Tortillas per hour depending upon the skill of the equipment operator.   120v


  • Mini Wedge in 220V
  • Miniwedge/Grill Stand
  • Miniwedge Package - Press, 24"X24" Grill and Stand