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ACCUSLICE-100PC Dual Lane Pizza Portioning

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Item Number: 18752
Manufacturer: Foodtools
Model No.: ACCUSLICE-100PC
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Dual Lane Pizza Portioning



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This high-production inline machine is designed to cut pizza, lasagna, or quesadilla at high speed.  The model features dual product lane holders to cut two products every cycle.  The machine can be customized to cut round, rectangle, or square.  Change over between products is quick and easy.  This machine is great for any production facility cutting a large quantity of frozen pizza, lasagna, or quesadilla products. 




Up to 2,700 Products Per Hour



  • Achieve a return on investment through labor savings and improved portion quality and consistency

  • Perfectly portion products every time in a high volume production process

  • Accessories and blade sets require minimal change over time to slice new products

  • Can slice round or square products into wedges, squares, rectangles, or triangles when equipped with proper blades. 

  • Reliable and durable equipment backed by manufacturer's warranty. 

Additional Info:


Power:  Compressed Air 30 CFM @ 90 PSI

Product Size Range:  16" X 16" X 3"  

Portion Size Ranges:  Depends on Product