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UNTECH Crate Washing Machine UKY 600

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Item Number: N-EPNW-20455
Manufacturer: Unknown
Model No.: UKY 600

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Our tunnel type crate washers are completely made of high quality stainless steel material. With the help of stainless steel conveyor chain and side guide’s dirty crates are traveling in position during the washing process. High pressure water nozzles which are located in the washing tunnel are ensures that every part of crates are washed homogeneously. It is also possible to wash the crates with detergent which dosing is by a detergent pump. After washing process creates are passing to the rinse section and if requested crates can be dried after rinsing.


UKY 600
UKY 600 washing machine is designed for semi industrial and industrial applications and has washing, rinsing and drying sections. Capacity of this machine can go up to 600 crates per hour. Because of its modular construction drying unit can be increased according to customer’s request. Detergent dosing pump and disinfectant dosing pump is available options for this washing machine.


Tunnel Infeed Dimensions:

Max Width: 24”

Max Height: 12”



Length: 94”

Washing Pump: 9.2kW (3-4bar – 1000 l/Min)

Water Tank: 295 Ltr

Water Heating: 4 x 6 kW Electrical or W/ Steam (1 Bar)

Washing Water Temperature: 140°F – 160°F

Water Spraying Nozzle: Changeable Adjustable Angle, PP

Filter Type: Changeable, Stainless Steel Filter (Holes 1.5mm)

Speed Control: By means of an inverter

Detergent Dosing: With dosing pump



Length: 39”

Rinsing Water: W/ Hot Water supplied by Factory

Recommended Rinsing Temp: 160°F

Rinsing Nozzles: Stainless Steel  3.500M3/H



Blower Fan Power: 2.2kW – 3.500m3/H


Machine Dimensions: 142”L x 37”W x 55”H

Machine W/ blower: 181”L x 37”W x 55”H