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Indirect Fired Tunnel Oven - Gas

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Indirect Fired Tunnel Oven – Gas

 The heat comes from gas combustion burner, air blower forces the heat into the main duct. There is a channel every 2.5 meters to distribute the heat into the top and bottom radiation channels, and this air flow can be controlled. The top and bottom heat will flow together, pass through the recycling channel and go back to the air blower for second-time heating and circulating. This means the hot air does not directly contact the baking product, it is heated and baked by the radiators, which assures more uniform heat and gets thinner product skin. Furthermore, the system is a circulating design, which reduces the heat exhaustion and saves energy up to 40-45%, thus higher baking quality demand can be achieved


Product: Tin bread and bread with no lid

Capacity: 2200 loves per hour

Oven external size: L20860mm x W4200mm

Oven manual loader length: 1100mm

Oven manual unloader length: 1750mm

Conveyor type: Mesh belt

Belt width: 3100mm

Product passing-through height: 270mm

Baking time: 26—28min, continuously adjustable

Temperature zones: 3

Voltage/power: 480V / 60Hz / 3Phase, 21Kw

Maximum heating power: 2047285BTU

Energy: Natural gas