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Beldos Belcake 670 Advanced Depositor

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Item Number: 24950
Manufacturer: Beldos
Model No.: Belcake 670 Advanced
Manufacturer Specification Sheet

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Belcake 670 Advanced Depositor

Apart from all the standard functions
of a depositor, Belcake 670 Advanced depositor can be used as well
for cake production (icing of cake middle layers and top/side icing).
Beldos depositors will replace your pastry bag, spoon or a
measuring cup and will become the most reliable, easy-to-use and
intelligent equipment at your production!

670 – 5-670 ml per deposit; max cake d 200 mm;

Design features:
?- an easy-to-use digital display panel; adjustable turning angle of
the turntable (370°- 720°) for a cleaner and nicer result of icing;
? -while you are adjusting the speed of the cream coming out of the
nozzle (depending on its viscosity), the speed of the turntable is
synchronized automatically;
? -mounted on a mobile frame manually adjustable in height for
small or tall persons for the most convenient operation and to
avoid back pain;
? -60 l hopper;
? -the depositing volume is indicated on a scale from 10% till 100%
depending on the product cylinder volume;
? -the speed of depositing/icing can be easily adjustable;
? -foot pedal operation or handgun operation; press the foot pedal or
the trigger of the handgun once for single portion control or hold
for multiple deposits;

Technical specifications
Top/side icing speed: Up to 6 cakes/min
Power Air: 121 l/min at 30 deposits/min, 7 Bar / 102 PSI;
Electricity: 100-240 V, 1Ph, 50/60 Hz, 120 W
Depositing volume: 5-670 cm3
Material: Stainless steel

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