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Benier Unirounder

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Item Number: 25519
Manufacturer: Benier
Model No.: Unirounder
Manufacturer Specification Sheet

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Benier Unirounder

Power supply: 460V- 3ph-60Hz-Ground-Neutral or 208v-3ph-60hz-Ground-Neutral
*Other power supplies available; In some cases this will increase price

-Wide range of dough consistencies|
The Unirounder performs excellent with all kinds of dough consistencies, varying from stiff to soft (sponge) dough.

-Highest quality of rounding performance:
The combination of rounding speed and the shape of the rounding tracks defines the excellent quality of the rounding performance.

-Wide weigth range:
Very soft dough up to 80% water content in combination with low dough weight (1.05 oz)
can be easily processed up to 12.000 pcs/hr.

-Easy to clean and maintain:
The open design and the quick release rounding track make the Unirounder easy to clean. The Unirounder is also equipped with dripping plates to collect residual dough.

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