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Glimek Flexible Bread Line 2006'

Your Price: $78,500.00 * USD
Item Number: 25804
Manufacturer: Glimek
Manufacturer Specification Sheet

*Price Does NOT include cost of crating, shipping, delivery or installation.

This Line Consist Of:
1) Intermediate Proofer
1) Automatic Divider
1) Conical Rounder
1) Moulder

Glimek 208 Pocket Intermediate Proofer:
Model: IPP822-20
S/N: M37907-3
Mfg Date 2006
208 Pockets
Nylon Mesh Pockets
V-Belt Infeed
Weight Range: 3.52oz - 52.91oz  (100-1500 Grams)
Capacity: 1800 Pieces Per Hour
O.A. Dims: 75"D x 93"W x 100"H
Stainless Steel Construction
220V 60Hz 3Ph

Glimek Automatic Divider:
Model: SD-180
Capacity: 750 - 1800 Pieces Per Hour
Scaling Range: 4.23oz - 56.43oz (120 - 1600 Grams)
Weight: 1256 lbs
Belt Width: 11"
O.A. Dims: 64"L x 26-1/2"W x 64-1/4"H
Stainless Steel Construction 
On Casters

Glimek Conical Rounder:
Model: CR310-US
S/N: 1381
Mfg Date: 2005
Capacity: Up To 3600 Pieces Per Hour
Weight Range: 1oz - 4oz
Flour Duster
O.A. Dims: 49"L x 52-1/2"W x 62"H
Weight: 1015 lbs
Stainless Steel Construction
220V 60Hz 3Ph
On Casters

Glimek Moulder:
Model: MO671 A
S/N: 2028
Mfg Date: 2006
Weight Range: 1.05oz - 63.49oz (30 - 1800 Grams)
Tiltable Safety Cover
Belt Width: 27"
O.A. Dims: 76"L x 37"W x 68"H
Stainless Steel Construction
220V 60Hz 3Ph
On Casters

Over All Line Footprint: 168"L x 99"W x 100"H

Price:   $78,500.00

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