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Adamatic VDR Roll Line, 2010'

Your Price: $195,000.00 * USD
Item Number: 26098
Manufacturer: Adamatic
Manufacturer Specification Sheet

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Full line that was at the IBIE show in 2010' sold and put into production in 2011' VERY nice line..

This Line Consists Of:

1) Adamatic/Glimek Hoist/Bowl/Hopper
1) Adamatic/Glimek Bulk Hopper
1) Adamatic VDR Divider Rounder
1) Adamatic Intermediate Proofer
1) Adamatic Bypass Conveyor
1) Adamatic Stamper Base
1) Adamatic Roll Stamper
1) 6 Row Tilting Infeed To Sheeter
1) Adamatic Sheeter
1) Adamatic Moulding Table
1) Moulding Table Extension
2) Moulding Systems
1) Adamatic Transfer/Timing Conveyor
1) Adamatic Automatic Reciprocating Panning Conveyor
1) Standard Electrical Panel

Line setup with pistons and rounding drum, was making Hot's Ham's and Hoagies
for a 2oz to 3oz product.  
More Pistons and Rounding drums can be purchased to achieve other sizes.

Adamatic/Glimek Hoist/Bowl/Hopper:
Model: BL241A-048
O.A. Dims: 4'-9"D x 5'-6"W x 13'-6"H
Air Requirements: 3/8" Air Line @ 80 - 100 PSI 
480V 3Ph 60Hz

Adamatic/Glimek Bulk Hopper:
Capacity: 1000 lbs
Air Requirements: 70-100 PSI 3/8" NPT
Teflon Coating Inside Hopper
Filter/Regulator Included
Safety Guard Between Gate And Divider/Rounder Hopper
Includes Floor Mounted Frame
Stainless Steel Construction

Adamatic VDR Divider Rounder:
4 - 6 Row Operation
Piston Diameter: 1-3/4"
Rounding Drum:
13" O.D. 
11-3/8" I.D.
Pocket Size: 2-1/2" x 2-1/2"
6 Row
Drum Imprint: 0079253502
Additional Drums:
0079253503: 3 - 4 oz
0079253501: 1.25 - 2.0 oz
One Unmarked Drum: 67mm Diameter x 14mm Thick At the Hole.
Speed: Up To 50 Strokes Per Minute
Adjustable Finger Belt Discharge Conveyor
Straight Belt For Use With By-pass Conveyor
Fully Adjustable Hydraulic Main Piston 
Variable Frequency Speed And Rounding Control
Stainless Steel Covers (Electrically Interlocked For Safety)
Digital Stroke Indicator
Central Drive Unit With Electric Clutch
Adjustable Height Flattening Roller
Simple Weight Adjustment
Flour Duster On Rear Belt
1.5 HP Rounding Motor
208/220V 60Hz 3Ph

Adamatic Intermediate Proofer:
Capacity: 8.64 Minute Proof At 10,000 Pieces Per Hour
Tray Capacity: 1 - 10 oz
Heavy Duty Roller Chain
Sliding Plexi Glass Inspection Windows
Stainless Steel Base Covers
High Impact Plastic Trays With Nylon Mesh Inserts
Knock Out Roller
Exhaust Fan/Humidistat Package
Catch Pan Under Proofer Base
Driven By Divider/Rounder

\Adamatic Bypass Conveyor:
Allows Round Rolls To Bypass Proofer To Allow For Steam Control

Adamatic Stamper Base:
Houses Drive Mechanism For Roll Stamper
Adamatic Roll Stamper:
6 Row Infeed Belts With Timing Gate Included
Flour Duster At Machine Entry
Individually Adjustable Discharge Belts
Sychronized With Proofer Discharge
Catch Pan Under Stamper
Driven By Divider Rounder

Tilting Infeed:
6 Across
Timing And Hold Back Gates

Adamatic Sheeter:
Model: SS31
31" Belt
Pre Flattening Roller With Timing Gate
Two Sets Of Adjustable Non Stick Rollers
High Speed Coiling And Discharge Belt
1 HP Motor
208V 60Hz 3Ph

Adamatic Moulding Table:
Variable Speed Control
Pressure Plate Holding Brackets
Pnuematic Timing Device At Discharge
True Track Automatic Belt Tracking
Spinning Roller At Discharge
Alignment Chain After Plates
Flour Duster Mounted Over Alignment Chain
3 HP Motor
208/220V 60Hz 3Ph

Moulding Table Extension:
24" Pre-Moulding Pressure Plate Assembly
Allows For Dual Moulding Board System For Extended Product Length

Adamatic Transfer/Timing Conveyor:
Independently Driven
One Timing Gate For Alignment Of Round Rolls And Hamburger Buns
Flattening Roller
Tubular Steel Frame
1.5 HP Motor 208/220V 60Hz 3Ph

Adamatic Automatic Reciprocating Panning Conveyor:
Model: PD-6
31" Wide Retractable Belt
Variable Speed For Adjustable Spacing (Clustering Not Included)
Maximum Stroke 28"
Air Requirements: 70 To 100 PSI
Photocell Controlled
Hand Panning Shelf
1.5 HP Motor
208/220V 60Hz 3Ph

Standard Electrical Panel


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