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Comas Dual Lane Cheese Cake Line

Your Price: $285,000.00 * USD
Item Number: 26480
Manufacturer: Comas S.P.A.
Manufacturer Specification Sheet

*Price Does NOT include cost of crating, shipping, delivery or installation.

This Line Consists Of:
1 Paper Cup Dispenser
1 Small Press Device
1 Oil Spray Unit
1 Crums Depositor
1 Crums Spreading Unit
1 Hydraulic Press
1 Ejector
3 Dual Head Depositors
1 Spreading Motion Unit
1 Vibration Nut Depositor
1 Portable Batter Deposit Pump
Approximately 6000 Pans
Hydraulic Main Drive Power Pack
1 5 Door Stainless Steel Control Panel

Platen Conveyor: 
Segmented Belt With Holes For Pans.
Plate Segments Are Designed For Specific Pan Diameters:
10" Pans (2", 3", And 4" Deep)
8" Pans (2" Deep)
8" Foil Fundraiser Pans
9" Foil Coco Pans
12" Foil Pans

Cardboard/Pan Inserter:
Places Cardboard Circles and Foil Pans On The Line
Cardboard Circles: 10" and 8"
Foil Pans: 8", 9", And 12"

Grease Sprayer:
Coates The Side Of Pans
Grease Must Be Liquid At Room Temperature 

Crust Depositor:
Volumetric Depositor
Crust Must Be Granular And Able To Flow
Deposits Pile In The Middle Of The Pan
Contains Volumetric Cups That Will Deposit The Following Weights (In lbs):

Crust Press:
Presses Crust On The Bottom Of The Pan Or Spins It Up The Side.
Crust Must Be Granular And Able To Flow.
Will Press Crust On The Bottom Or Spin Up The Side In 8" And 10" Pans.
Capable Of Regulating The Height Of The Crust Up The Side With The Use Of Limiting Rings.
Unit Will Only Put Crust In The Bottom Of 8" Foil Pans And Will Only Spin Crust Up The Side Of The 9" Foil Pan And 12" Foil Pan.

3 Volumetric Depositors Fed By Level Activated Pumps.
Capable Of Pumping A Wide Range Of Viscosities (Cake Batter - Fudge)
And Can Handle A Limited Amount Of Soft Solids In Suspension Such As Strawberries.
Each Can Be Adapted With Attachments To Deposit A Disc Of Viscous Materials (i.e. Turtle Fudge) Or Two Concentric Rings. 
Depositors Have enough Parts To Allow The Deposits Of One Disc And One Set Of Concentric Rings At A Time.
Given The Proper Viscosities And Densities The 3 Depositors Can Be Used In Unison To Provide Layering.

Depositor Number 1:
Can Deposit Up To 4 lbs Of Cheese Batter
Contains A Smaller Cylinder That Will Allow Accurate Deposits Of Smaller Weights.

Depositor Number 2:
Can Deposit Up To 4 lbs Of Cheese Batter

Depositor Number 3:
Can Deposit Up To .9 lbs Of Cheese Batter
Depositor Designed To Give Accurate Weights On Smaller Deposits.

Will Convert Concentric Rings Into A Swirled Pattern.
RPM's And Number Of Pins Can Be Adjusted To Provide Different Levels Of Swirling.
Capable Of Swirling In Any Of The Pans.

Granular Depositor:
Will Deposit Outer Ring In 8" Or 10" Pans.
Can Also Be Used To Cascade Over The Entire Top Of The Surface.
Works With Nuts, Chocolate Chips, Or Other Dry Particulates.
Density Of Deposits Is Adjustable.

5 Door Control Panel:
Stainless Steel Construction

*Line Speed: 16 - 24 Cheese Cakes Per Minute (Dependent On Complexity)
Mfg Date: 2004
Line Only Used For 3 Years


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