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ETMW Sheeter & Moulder With Panning Conveyor

Your Price: $33,500.00 * USD
Item Number: 26519
Manufacturer: Unknown

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This Line Consists Of:
1) Over Head Flour Duster
1) Sheeter
1) Moulding Conveyor
1) 90° Turn Conveyor
1) Panning Conveyor
1) Motorized Plastic Belt Conveyor
1) APV Transfer Conveyor

Over Head Flour Duster:
O.A. Dims: 26"L x 9-1/2" Diameter
Capacity: 65 lbs
4" Diameter Discharge
With PIAB Vacuum Pump
Stainless Steel Construction

O.A. Dims: 64"L x 31"W x 74"H
Infeed Belt Width: 12"
Adjustable Product Guides On Infeed
Discharge Belt Width: 16"
Manually Adjustable Rollers
Stainless Steel Safety Guard Over Rollers
Mfg Date: 1993
Front Mounted Stainless Steel Scrap Chute
Variable Speed Control
Stainless Steel Construction

Moulding Conveyor:
Right Hand
Stainless Steel Flour Duster
Dusting Width: 36"
Hopper Dims: 37-1/4"L x 11-3/4"W x 7-1/4"D
Belt Width: 27-1/2"
Belt Length: 138-1/2"
With Pressure Conveyor
Pressure Conveyor Dims: 61"L x 28"W
30" Wide Stainless Steel Curling Chain
O.A. Dims: 144"L x 52-1/2"W x 62"H
Variable Speed Control
All Stainless Steel Contruction

Turn Conveyor:
90° Turn
Belt Width: 26-1/2"
Feeds Panning Conveyor

Panning Conveyor:
Push Button Start And Stop
Variable Speed Control
Manually Adjustable Product Guides
Main Belt Width: 20"
Main Belt Length: 113-1/2" 
O.A. Dims: 
Magnetic Pan Indexing Conveyor
Adjustable Pan Guides
Conveyor: (2) 3" Wide Plastic Slat Chain Conveyor Belts (Magnetic)
10"W Plastic Slat Chain Conveyor Infeed Belt
(Controls Mounted On Panning Conveyor)
Stainless Steel Construction

Plastic Belt Conveyor:
Plastic Belt
Belt Width: 16"
Belt Length: 42"
O.A. Dims: 42"L x 27"W x 27"H
Mounted On A Square Tubular Stainless Steel Frame

APV Transfer Conveyor:
Plastic Slat Chain Conveyor
Belt Width: 12"
Belt Length: 150"
Manually Adjustable Guide Rails
O.A. Dims: 198"L x 50"W x 36"H
Magnetic Discharge Conveyor
Belt Width: 14"
Belt Length: 48"
Stainless Steel Construction

Price:   $33,500.00



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