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Babbco Air Impingement Tunnel Oven With Loader And Unloader

Your Price: $900,000.00 * USD
Item Number: 26636
Manufacturer: Babbco
Model No.: AH-146-40-2

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Model: AH-146-40-10
Natural Gas
Stainless Steel Mesh Belt
146" Usable Belt Width
O.A. Dims: 50'1"L x 19'-2-3/4"W x 11'-6"H
Bake Time Ranges: 6-24 Minutes
Full Seam Welded Oven Interior
(2) 20' Burner Sections
(2) AH-250 Burners
2,500,000 Btu/Hr (Each Burner) @ 21" WC
Automatic Air Flow Dampers
9 Full Length Oven Access Doors
(4) Circulating Fans (2 Per Section) With VFD
Stainless Steel Hoods With Exhaust At Both Ends Of The Oven
Operator Interface Terminal (HMI) With Stainless Steel Pedestal Mount
6" Stainless Steel Legs
Free Standing Stainless Steel Control Panel With Air Conditioning

Capway Systems Loader And Unloader:
This Loader Is Designed To Load Pan Products Onto The Oven Hearth.
Tray Indexing Conveyor.
Oven Loading Possibilities:
(4) Independently Lifted usher Bars Equally Spaced 8-3/8"
Large Tray: 
12 Minute Bake Time.
60 Pans Per Minute.
11 Pans Per Row.
8-3/8" Spacing Will Create a 1-7/8" Gap Between Rows For 57.4 Total Rows In Oven.
If Gap Between Rows Is Reduced To 1" By The Pusher Bars Stopping At Different Times; 64 Total Rows In Oven Is Achievable.

The Pans Are Accepted In Rows From The Oven In Their Groups.
Once The Row Is On The Pre Unloader Conveyor, They Will Block A Photo-Eye Sensor And The Conveyor Speed Will Increase. This Will Create A Larger Gap Between The Rows Of Pans. This Gap Will Allow Enough Space For The Over-Head Pusher Bar To Lower Between The Rows.
Once The pusher Bar Is In place The Row Of Product Will Be Pushed To The Discharge Conveyor. During The Pushing Sequence The Pre-Unloader Belt Speed Will Decrease To Match The Oven Speed And An Additional Row Of Product Can Be Accepted.

*We Have The Manuals For This Unit And Will Be Sent In PDF Format Upon Purchase*



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