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LBC Double Side Load Roll-In Oven Rack #LRR-2D-26-20

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Manufacturer: LBC
Model No.: LRR-2D-26-20
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LBC Roll-In Racks (Double Side Load all Stainless Steel)
BakerSeries® LRR   LRR-2D-26-20 3" Spacing, 40 Full Size Sheet Pan Capacity
Stainless Steel Racks for All Lang Roll-In Rack Ovens

* 18 Gauge 300 Series Stainless Steel
4" High Temperature Casters, Rated 600° F, 500 Lbs. Each
Ships Knocked Down; Assembly Required
Designed for 18" X 26" Pans, also holds 5-on Bread Strap Pans
Single racks field convertible for use in single or double oven with a "B" Style lift.

Recommended Spacing: Oven Racks should be sized to allow a minimum of 2" above the finished product.

* Artisan Breads, Pan Breads and 4" foodservice pans use 6" Spacing (10 Pan Capacity)
Baguettes, Muffins, Bagels, French Breads and 2-1/2" foodservice pans use 4" Spacing. (15 Pan Capacity)
* Cookies, Sheet Cakes and all flat products use 3" Spacing.(20 Pan Capacity)