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Sponge Cake Line

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Item Number: 17996
Manufacturer: Unknown
Model No.: JB 1136

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Sponge Cake Line


This line allows you to achieve a better texture, less calories, and most of all products and cost savings.


Developed for sponge cake, tiger cake, roll cake, layer cake, swiss roll cake, etc.


Band Width: 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500mm


Complete Line:

* Pre-Mixer for Sponge Cake

* Coolwhipper (Continuous Aerator) with Buffer for Sponge

* Dynamic Color

* Sponge Depositor

       -Sponge Depositor Color

* Decoration before Oven

* Tunnel Oven

* Automatic Band Oiler

* Gas Burner

* Take Off

* Conveyor for Cooling

* Complete Working Bench

* Brush and Longitudinal Cutter

* Syrup Dosing Unit

* Jam Tank

* Jam/Cream Diffuser

* Coolwhipper with Buffer for Cream

* Cream Diffuser with Double Regulation

* Two Layer Folding Device

* Pressing Roller

* Rollers Device - Mini Rolls

* Rollers Device - Family Roll

* Transversal Cutter